Option 5: String Quartet (20% deposit)

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Option 5: String Quartet – £550.00
This option includes a String quartet recording of a 4-part arrangement written and supplied by the client (or by Remote Strings, see ‘Extra Options’).
The client must supply each part separately. Each part must be formatted correctly for the given instrument and ready to be read by the player. Parts sent as a PDF.
You will receive 4 separate mono audio files plus a stereo string mix at 48k / 24bit. The audio files will be edited and eq’d before sending.

Extra options:
If you don’t have written parts, Remote Strings can write the arrangement for you. The cost will be between £300 – £600 depending on the demands of the track. Your track will be assessed and a quote will be given to you.
Remote Strings have some very experienced arrangers. Read about the arrangers here.
The option of an arrangement and choice of arranger can be selected above.
The arrangement deposit paid here will be between 10% - 20% depending on overall quote given.

Files needed from client:
MP3 + / Notated PDF’s. These will be collected from you via Dropbox or email

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