You may find an answer to your question below. If not, you can contact Ivan directly.

Why do I have to pay a 20% deposit?
This is a deposit to secure our time and attention.

How should I pay the balance after the job is done?
Ideally, this should be paid via bank transfer.

Can I pay the balance via Paypal rather than bank transfer?
Yes. The balance can be paid directly to the Remote Strings Paypal account.

Do you accept other currencies?
All prices will be given in pound sterling. Other currencies will be converted into pound sterling on checkout.

Can I negotiate another price?
No. All prices given are extremely competitive. However, look out for regular special offers containing discounts.

How can I be in touch with Remote Strings after paying my deposit?
Ivan will be in touch with you via email. You will also receive his phone number. You may discuss your job via email and / or phone.

Do I own the string parts that you sent to me?
Yes. You pay for a buyout. However, you are obliged to let PPL (or equivalent) know who played on your track. This will give Remote Strings players performance royalties for broadcast. Remote Strings will send you completed PPL session forms from each player involved.
But….If you are particularly happy with a string arrangement, and it has added significantly to your track, you can offer a writing credit to the arranger. This will be received with thanks. This percentage would then need to be registered at PRS or equivalent.

How long will it take to get my files back?
This depends on the option chosen. Options 1-3 will usually be completed within 1-2 days. In some cases, it may only take a few hours.
Options 4-7 will take longer. Usually 2-3 days if the client is supplying the arrangement, and it is formatted correctly. If an arrangement is needed, this may take 3-5 days (or sooner depending on arranger). The arrangement will then need to be signed off by the client before the live strings are added.

How will I receive my Audio files?
You will receive a link to a dropbox folder. This will contain all of your files for the option chosen.

What Audio files will I receive?
You will receive mono audio files for Options 1,2 & 5. For all other options, you will receive mono audio files, a stereo string mix & stem files in separate string groups (i.e violas, violin 1 etc)

Are Audio files mixed before sending?
Not exactly. Every audio file is ‘cleaned up’. Unwanted noises are edited out. They are also Eq’d slightly. This will be to edit out unwanted frequencies. The files will be sent ‘dry’ with no reverb.

Why can I still hear some unwanted noises in my track?
With live recording, and instrument tracking, noises are unavoidable. We will try to keep this to a minimum.

Can I receive my Audio files at 44.1KHz instead of 48KHz?
Yes, but you will need to request this at the beginning. As standard, we will send the audio files at 48k. This is a higher quality than 44.1k.

Can I receive my Audio files in a higher sample rate than 48KHz?
Currently, 48k is the highest sample rate that we offer.

I am doing some live dates. Can I book a player or players from Remote Strings?
Yes, the players used at RS are seasoned session players, both in the studio and live. If they are free and willing, the player will consider your proposal.

What happens when I order a string arrangement through you?
Once a deposit is paid for an arrangement (options 4-7), and an arranger is chosen, your arrangement is written using sample strings.
The finished arrangement is sent to you as an mp3 containing the original track and sample strings for you to listen to.
A discussion then takes place between you and the arranger where any requested changes are acted upon.
Once the arrangement is agreed, it is then recorded with real strings.

What if I want further changes to the arrangement after it is recorded?
This will depend on what the issue is. As recording has taken place, it is time consuming to go back to arrangement issues.
If the arrangement needs changing after it has been agreed, this may cost extra, depending on the nature of the request.

Why is there a price range when I want to order an arrangement from Remote Strings?
Every track is different and will have its own demands. The price range reflects how much time may be spent on writing your arrangement.

In that case, won’t you always charge me the highest price for an arrangement?
No. We will assess your track fairly and give you a quote. This will be discussed with you over email or by phone. We want our clients to be happy and content. Usually an arrangement for a 3-minute pop song will be less demanding than an 8-minute track in 7/8.

Can I write my own string arrangement?
Yes, of course. This will save you money. But you must format your parts correctly for the option chosen.

How do I write a String arrangement?
If you have never written a string arrangement, this may prove challenging. You must write separate parts for each of the instruments involved. This would usually be written using sampled strings on top of an audio track in a music software programme such as logic or Cubase. The parts need to be written using the correct BPM. The finished written parts would then need to be transferred and notated within any notation software (such as Sibelius), then formatted correctly.
There may be videos on the internet to help you.

How do I format correctly?
You need to send a separate notated part for each instrument. For example. If you choose option 5: String Quartet, you will need to write and notate separate parts for violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello. The parts should have the correct clef, key signature, pitch, dynamics and contain expression markings. The player will play exactly what is written on their given part so, it is important that it is correct. If you prefer, Remote Strings can write and notate your arrangement for you.

What happens in the recording phase?
In the recording phase, your arrangement, whether written by yourself or by RS, is recorded by top quality players in their own studio. The resulting files are sent to Ivan. He will clean and Eq the files ready for delivery to you via dropbox.

What if I am not happy with the result?
The best thing is to speak to Ivan with any issues that you feel. You will have his contact details and he will be available throughout the process.