How it works

  1. Decide on an option to order. What Should I Book?
  2. Order the required option via the Options page.
  3. You pay a 20% deposit.
  4. You receive a confirmation email plus a further email with instructions and link to a shared dropbox folder.
  5. You upload any files (mp3 / Notated PDF) to the dropbox folder.
  6. We discuss your requirements either by email or phone.
  7. If a written arrangement is ordered, this is usually written & notated within 3-5 days (Options 4,5,6 & 7).
  8. Your session is recorded at 48k / 24 bit (44.1KHz on request).
  9. An mp3 of your track with added strings is sent via email.
  10. Any changes are discussed and acted upon.
  11. You pay the remaining 80% via bank transfer or paypal.
  12. Your Mono audio files & Stereo stem audio files are uploaded to the dropbox folder.

Please Note:
Recording for options 1-4 will usually take between 1-3 days depending on availability of player/s. In Some cases, it may only take a few hours from ordering. Options 5 – 7 will usually take longer.
If a Remote Strings written arrangement is ordered (Options 4,5,6 & 7), this will usually be written and notated in 3-5 days. The arrangement will then be sent to you as an mp3 using sampled strings. Once the arrangement is agreed by the client, this is replaced with real strings.

If you have any questions, these may be covered in: Frequently Asked Questions